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At the end of the year there is a real highlight in Nuremberg: the Christmas market, in the local dialect "Christkindlesmarkt"! It always begins on the Friday before the first Advent Sunday and ends on 24 December.
About 2 million visitors and 200 stalls make it one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany. Because of its romantic and traditional appearance, it is also one of the most famous worldwide and a real tourist attraction : only in July more people are staying in Nuremberg than in December.

The main market square ("Hauptmarkt") and the streets and squares of Nuremberg's ancient centre are full of lovingly decorated stalls. Pine branches, traditionally red and white drapery, illuminations and Christmas Carols bring visitors in contemplative mood.

local specialities on the Nuremberg Christmas Market

Like on any other Christmas market in Germany you will find Christmas decorations , original winter clothes and handcrafts. But Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt has got some special goods to offer: the famous Nuremberg "Lebkuchen" (somewhat resembling gingerbread) and - less well known but very original and tasty - the "Zwetschgenmännle" (plum manikin).
Zwetschgenmänle are figures made from dried plums and dried figs, which are held together by a skeleton of wire and birch. It takes up to an hour until a new plum Männle is made by hand - a painstakingly long process. Nowadays there are over 350 different figures: naked ones ("Nackerte"), gnomes, priests, devils and many more.

Another tradition of the Christmas market has also been preserved. The "Christkind" (Christ Child) opens the market with a traditional prologue before thousands of spectators.
The population of Nuremberg chooses the Christkind every two years. Candidates must be from 16 to 19 years old and live in Nuremberg.

The Christkindlesmarkt has attractions for everyone

Even children do not get bored: They have a Christmas market on their own. They can drive in historic-style carousels or get active themselvese in candle workshops, glass workshops or Christmas bakeries. All children are invited to tinker gifts for parents and friends .
On the " market of the partner cities " near the Town Hall Square partner cities of Nuremberg offer their specialities. San Carlos in Nicaragua, Shenzhen in China, Atlanta in the USA and Antalya in Turkey are representative of many others and bring international flair to the ancient Franconian metropolis .
The accompanying cultural program is also extremely gratifying with guided tours, concerts and exhibitions. A popular highlight is the Christmas Concert in the Church of Our Lady .

Only the words of the Christkind remain to be said: "My beloved men and women that you once were children , be it again tonight, the Christkind invites you to its market, and who is to come, is to be welcomed. "

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